Briel Weingartner

Name:   Briel Weingartner

Nickname:   "Bri"

Status:   AM - Skates Street & Bowl

Home:  Hawthorne, California

Age:  10

Favorite Skate Spot:   Manhattan Beach Skate Park

Favorite Trick:   Kickflip

Favorite Music:   Reagae

Favorite Food:   Pizza!

Sponsors:    Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, Nike, Nike SB,  Grizzly Griptape, Spyder Board Shop, Rastaclat

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Facts About Briel :  2017 1st place CASL Champion in Girls Street Division,  2018 Skatelab- Labrat contest she won both bowl and street contests in her division

Briel was featured skateboarding on the popular website POP SUGAR where her video racked up more than 300,000 views. She was also featured on DIPLY which is the second-largest entertainment website.  Briel recently worked as a stunt double for skateboarding, on a Samsung commercial.  She is also featured in the all-girls skateboarding book, "It's Not About Pretty". Briel is currently featured  skateboarding in the new Walmart "back to school" commercial.