Elle Warne



Name:   Elle Warne

Status:  AM

Home:   Salt Lake City, Utah

Age:   12 years old

Favorite Skate Spot:  Alberton, Montana Skatepark. My local park is Vans in Salt Lake City. I also skate at Woodward Park City (my school is right next door to Woodward)

Favorite Trick:   Frontside airs (Airs in general.)

Favorite Music:   I really like Billie Eilish

Favorite Food:   Cheese Ravioli

Sponsors:   Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, Bones Wheels, Ace Trucks, 187 Killer Pads


Contest Results:


1st place - Go Skate Day Mini Ramp (open) 

1st Place - West Valley City Park (open)

1st Place - South Jordan Bowl (Girls)

2nd place - Labor Day Bowl Park City (open)

Elle has skated in both the Venice Skatepark Ladies Jam and Exposure's Skate Event since 2017.

She also skated at Poseiden Ladies Day 2019 at The Berrics



Elle also believes in helping more girls to get out and skate!  In 2020 she hosted her own Salt Lake City All Girl Skate Jam and had a huge turnout.



Follow Elle on: 


Instagram @elle_warne and on her  YouTube Channel