Kala Baltasar

Photo Ian Logan

Photo Ian Logan
Photo Ian Logan
Photo Julie Daniels

Photo Ian Logan
Photo Ian Logan

Name:  Kala Baltasar

Nickname:  "Kala Walla"

Status:  AM - Skates Bowl /Transition

Home:   South Bay -  just south of Los Angeles

Age:   111

Favorite Skate Spot:   The Cove in Santa Monica

Favorite Trick:    Ollie / Frontside 180

Favorite Music:   Outkast

Favorite Food:      Spaghetti

Sponsors:    Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word,

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Kala has appeared on the cover of The Easy Reader Newspaper, in a Dickies Girls campaign,  Target commercial and as a two page ad for the new "Street Angel" skateboard from Dusters Califonia. Kala is also featured in the all girls skateboarding book, "It's Not About Pretty".