Katherine Folsom

Photo: Michael Chantry
Photo: Spencer Hanscom
Photo: Todd Fuller
Photo: Todd Fuller
Photo: Todd Fuller
Ian Logan

Name:    Katherine Folsom

Nickname:    Kat

Status:    Pro

Home:     Sacramento Ca

Age:      35

Favorite Skate Spot:      Beeble Bowl, Oak Park skatepark, and my backyard

Favorite Trick:     My favorite trick changes week to week. Probably boneless ones, mute airs and rock and rolls right now...

Favorite Music:     Led Zeppelin, Misfits (danzig), ac/dc, I teach ballet for my other profession, so I am also really into classical music

Favorite Food:      artichokes and seafood! I could eat seafood all day!

Sponsors:   Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, Embassy Skateboards, Kung Fu Griptape, Chivazwear, Badass Skate Mom,  XT Outfitters,  Surf and Skate Sacramento

Follow Kat on:   Facebook  and on Instagram @_kat_sk8_

Kat has been featured on espnW, Transworld Skateboard, Juice,  and recently had a 10 page article in Girls Who Ride Magazine.