Lola Glass

Lola's  2019 Kurt Cobain Mural in Brooklyn
Photo John Midgley

Name:    Lola Glass

Nickname:     The Young Vandal

Status:      Soul Skater

Home:     Brooklyn, NY

Age:     12

Favorite Skate Spot:     I really can’t pick between Golconda Skatepark and the Venice Skate Park!

Favorite Trick:     Ollie

Favorite Music:       Hole, the White Stripes, the Pixies

Favorite Food:        Chicken Tikka Masala

Sponsors:         Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word

Passions:       Sketching, writing, skating, drumming

Lola just did a shoot for Zappos that featured her artwork, she's currently working on her first commissioned comic book page, as well as doing creative work for well known brands such as, Apple and Adidas. Lola is  also a member of theworld-renownedd Bushwick Collective and has painted large scale murals in Coney Island and Brooklyn. She is known as being the youngest recognized street artist in the world.

Follow Lola on her website and on  Instagram: @lolatheillustrator