Micro Grants

Minna Stess, Jordan Santana, Arianna Carmona ~ Photo Israel Santana

In 2020 we will progress beyond our micro-grant program and put some of our focus on financially supporting three USA National Team Riders for Park Skateboarding  ~ Arianna Carmona, Minna Stess and Jordan Santana ~ as they head towards their goal of competing at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan.

We will also be announcing our intent to help two well-deserving female skaters travel and compete on the Vans Park Series Tour in 2020.

We are pledging $12,000 toward this mission to start with and adding more funds and additional skaters we'd like to help reach their goals, throughout the year.

You can apply for a micro-grant via our on-line application HERE

Here are a few of our recent micro-grant recipients and what they have to say about how it helped them achieve their goals.

The "She is More" project features a variety of female action sports athletes

Being a recipient of the Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word micro-grant provided the funds for me to travel Southern California to document girls in action sports for a portrait and interview project I created titled “She is More”. Not only did this grant provide me the funds, but it gave me emotional support. Knowing that Cindy Whitehead and Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word believed in what I was doing, and saw enough value in it to assist me, made the overall experience that much more of an honor.

- Elise Crigar 
** photographer, designer, skateboarder, content creator, influencer

                                         Calleigh on her cross country skateboard journey

Being the recipient of a GN4LW micro-grant was like finally having someone, and ultimately a movement, believing in me. Knowing that not only was I gaining the financial support I required to be the first woman to attempt skateboarding across the United States solo, but that I was also being recognized for my potential contributions to skateboarding as a whole, was important to me. I was empowered to gather specific gear that other sponsors hadn't provided for my cause with the micro-grant's assistance, and honestly, there were points in my adventure I may not have succeeded in without that help. The GN4LW micro-grant was a small first step to realizing, accomplishing, and capitalizing on my dreams - Now that I've written and published my book on the adventure, it still puts a smile on my face to have been able to include Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word in the "special thanks" section.

- Calleigh Little
** first female to skateboard across the USA solo, author of "Carrion, Carried On", champion longboarder and endurance racer

Being a recipient of the Girl is not a 4 Letter Word micro-grant program this past summer was something that changed the progress of our community and brand Salty Bitches for the better. From the start, GN4LW brought girls to our first event that we had never met and that meant, introducing friends, bringing more females together to skate every month, and growing the Utah community. Cindy and GN4LW supports us, wants to help support girls who skate regardless of their age, ability, and style that allows ideas to come to fruition. The funds provided, went towards food and beverages we order at events for the girls to eat/drink while skating, and the savings towards local indoor skateparks once the dead of winter for Utah hits. I am inspired every day to bring people together for the better and get girls on boards in an educated, healthy way, The community of GN4LW understands that and we feel honored to be supported by them

- Noelle Sanders
** Founder of the Salty Bitches Skate Crew in Utah