Poppy Starr Olsen

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Photo Ian Logan

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Photo Ian Logan

Name:    Poppy Starr Clarabelle Olsen

Nickname:    Pop Star

Status:    PRO

Home:     Newcastle, NSW Australia

Age:      17

Favorite Skate Spot: Bar Beach, Newcastle. Vans Combi LA, Bondi

Favorite Trick:     Backside Method airs

Favorite Music:     Aussie hip-hop is the best. Hilltop Hoods, Drapht, Illy, The Herd, Bliss N Eso - all so awesome!

Favorite Food:      Sushi and 2 minute noodles haha

Sponsors:   Girl is not a 4 letter word, Vans,  Ride TSG, Theeve Trucks

Follow Poppy on:   Facebook  and on Instagram @poppystarr  and @poppystarr_art 
and on Twitter @poppystarrolsen

Poppy's Website:  Poppystarr.com

Major Contest Results & Achievements:

2018 - 3rd place Bowl-A-Rama / Australia
2017 - Gold medal at Vert World Championships, Nanjing, China
2017 - 3rd place  Bowl-A-Rama  women's division / Australia

2017 - 3rd place Vans Girls Combi - pro division
2016 - First Australian girl to be invited to compete in skateboarding at the X-Games
2016 -  Women's Australian Bowl Riding Champion
2016 - One of 2 Pro female skaters to be asked to compete in the men's Pro Division of the Australian Bowl Riding Championships - placed 16 out of 32 riders.
2016  - Only female skater to be invited to compete in the men's pro division at the Bowl-a-Rama contest in Bondi, Australia
2016 - 1st place PRO division at Vans Girls Combi Pool Contest - USA
2015 - 15 and over girls World Champion for Bowl 
2015 - Women's Australian Bowl Riding Champion
2014 - Under 14  girls World Champion for Bowl

Poppy gave her first TEDx talk at age 14 on "The Blurred Lines of Art and Skateboarding" to rave reviews. 

Poppy has been featured on numerous TV shows, magazine articles, and newspapers both in Australia and the USA. She can currently be seen in an 8 page article in Girls Who Ride Magazine,  and on Thrasher, Ride Channel and Vans websites. Poppy is also part of photographer Christin Rose's photo project titled #ShePlaysWeWin and has been featured on Elle.com as well as espnW. 

When she is not skateboarding, Poppy is designing jewelry and creating art work to help fund her skateboarding trips abroad to compete. 

In November 2016, Poppy opened the Faith Connexion fashion show for MADE Sydney presented by Mercedes Benz by dropping off a ledge prior to models coming down the runway.