Quinne Daniels

Photo Julie Daniels

Photo Julie Daniels
Photo Ian Logan
Photo Ian Logan
                                                                      Photo Ian Logan

 Photo Julie Daniels for That Kinder Magazine

 Photos by Martin Schoeller for INSTYLE Magazine 

Name:     Quinne Daniels

Nickname:     "Quinny"

Status:  AM - Skates Bowl / Transition

Home:   Los Angeles, California

Age:  12

Favorite Skate Spot:    Venice Skatepark!

Favorite Trick:    Blunt to Fakie

Favorite Music:   Gorillaz

Favorite Food:   Fried Chicken

Sponsors:      Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word,   Salt Rags Skateboards

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Facts About Quinne:   1st place in the Venice Ladies Jam 10 and Under in 2018. Podium finishes during most of the CASL 2018 season. Queen of The Cove  (1st place) summer 2018.

Quinne can be seen skateboarding in commercials for Disney, Nickelodeon, Airwalk, Garmin, & Kohls, as well as on a spot about Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word for Lifetime TV. She was recently photographed by renowned fashion photographer, Martin Schoeller, for InStyle Magazine.  Quinne is also featured in the all girls skateboarding book, "It's Not About Pretty".