Ruby Lilley

  Photos Ian Logan

Name:      Ruby Lilley

Nickname:     Rubitron or Rubes

Status:          AM

Home:     Southern California

Age:    12

Favorite Skate Spot:   That's a hard question!  Oceanside or Encinitas Bowl

Favorite Trick:     Front Lip & Front Smith

Favorite Music:     80's Hip Hop

Favorite Food:       Fish Tacos

Sponsors:      Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word,  Asylum Skate Shop in Oceanside

Favorite Contests:  Skatercon & Hot Wheels Junior Series
Contest Results: During the 2018 Hot Wheels Junior Series Ruby has consistently made podium in mini-ramp, bowl, vert as well as street.

Passions:  Dancing, playing music, drawing, creating art, writing/reading, fiber art, and snowboarding

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