Sylvia Mena

All photos Ian Logan

Name: Sylvia Mena

Nickname: Flaca,  Green

Status: Downhill Skateboarder

Home:   Home is Costa Rica but currently lives in Utah and is in California often!

Age: 27

Favorite Skate Spot:  Puriscal, Costa Rica

Favorite Trick:   GO FAST AND SEND IT!

Favorite Music:   A lot of reggae roots and punk...

Favorite Food:    Pizza

Sponsors:   Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word, Loaded Boards, Orangatang wheels


6th place at keeping it high (IDF) Phillipines
5th place at moon rock (IDF) Philippines & 1st place at B bracket in Open (against men )

3rd place at laguna race in Mexico

3rd place at laguna race in Mexico

5th at loma linda Colombia

3rd place at downhill festival in Panama

2nd place at downhill festival in Panama

2nd place at Santa Rosa festival in Panama

Sylvia is an active member and racer of the International Downhill Federation (IDF) as well as an Longboard Girls Crew Ambassador for Costa Rica and USA.Sylvia has been featured in the band, Elegant View's  "Too Far" music video as a stunt double, as well as Sr.Tijeras "Caliope" music video.  

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