Etnies Contest - This Saturday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Saturday, October, 25th is the Etnies Hallows Eve Bowl Bash Contest - it all starts at 3 PM so head out there to enter, skate and have some fun. Girls divisions too!

We heard that the Pink Helmet Posse will be there and will have some rad prizes to give out!

The Girls Of Instagram - We're All Almost Baaack!

Quincy, Zoe, Bella, Sierra, Minna, & Sabre - The Original Six

So the story and updates of "Where Are The Girls of Instagram?" continues, but as of last night, with some great news. Zoe Benedetto, Bella Kenworthy, Sierra Kerr, Minna Stess & Sabre Norris are all back on the social media site with all their photos and thousands and thousands of followers intact.

The only bad news is we are all still working hard on getting little Quincy "The Flying Squirrel" back up - everyone misses her and no one in this group feels like this has been a victory until she is there again too.  Fingers crossed!

Samarria Brevard on BET - Opening Doors For Female Skaters.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Check out this awesome article today on BET on pro skater Samarria Brevard who just won the Kimberly Diamond Cup. Samarria discusses competing against the guys,  what it was like winning the KDC in South Africa, and how female skaters who want to go pro can achieve that.

Here are a couple of questions & quotes from the article - but jump over HERE and read the entire thing - it's pretty awesome! What does it mean for you not only to be the first African-American to podium at the Kimberly Diamond Cup, but to win as well?

Samarria Brevard: Winning the Kimberley Diamond Cup for me was definitely a confidence booster, as well as a door opener. It means that I can keep skating with the best of them in women's skateboarding and be a part of the progression for women's skateboarding.

What’s your advice to young female skaters who want to go pro?
My advice to any female trying to get in to professional skateboarding would be to put in work. You should be skating every day and putting out proof of your skating ability with pictures and videos to show the world how awesome you are.

XS Helmets x GN4LW (early release!) at Exposure Skate Event.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

 Photos Ian Logan

Guess what?!  We just heard some BIG news about the  XS Helmets x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word collab helmet. The helmets are not due in until end of November BUT we heard a rumor that the XS Helmet booth at EXPOSURE: A Women's Skateboarding Benefit Event on November 8 will have (3) available for early release/purchase AND pro skater Beverly Flood will be at the comp competing and can even autograph it for you.

So get there early, watch some awesome women's skateboarding, and get your helmet before anyone else.  Hey! I don't even have one yet - so you will get it before I do!  #lucky

6 Yr Old Sky. One To Watch

Monday, October 20, 2014

This video of  little 6 year old Sky is SO inspiring.  Can't wait to see more! Watch all the way through, her tricks just get better and better.    #OneToWatch