The Mini Documentary On 11 yr Old Surfer Sabre Norris That Has Us In Stitches.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

FLYING DOUGHNUTS - Sabre Norris from Luke Farquhar 🇦🇺 on Vimeo.

Great mini documentary on 11-year-old surfer Sabre Norris and her siblings, Nazzie, Biggie, and Sockie on BeachGrind TV.  The Norris kids are as fun and crazy as they are on instagram - love that.  Be prepared to laugh a lot, at the kids just being kids and the stories Sabre tells about surfing, donuts and her good friend and pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore.

 Derek Rielly and director Luke Farquhar did an excellent job on this one!

We hope your days are as fun as Sabre's seem to be! 

Skate x Fashion Collabs Or Rip Offs? We're Seeing Both.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ben Taverniti "Bones Logo" Pink Satin Jacket

Ben Taverniti "Bones Logo" Sweatshirt

Ben Taverniti "Screaming Hand" sweatshirt

We used to see skateboard companies ripping  riffing off fashion brands - does anyone remember the year 2000 when Supreme used the Louis Vuitton logo for all of about 2 weeks until they were hit with a cease and desist letter?  They complied very quickly and that was the end of that.

Or how about the time the shoe was on the other foot and fashion designer Jermy Scott stole the iconic Jim Phillips "Screaming Hand" artwork and used it on clothes that walked down his runway during fashion week? That was a pretty bold move that earned them a lawsuit which Jim ended up winning.

These were instances that were far and few in-between. But now that we are seeing a huge interest in skateboarding by the fashion crowd it's happening more and more. But we are also seeing some unlikely collaborations as well.

We're not 100% sure but we are thinking that the Bones logo and the Screaming Hand logo in the photos above may have been "lifted" by designer Ben Taverniti's "Unravel Project". They are selling out quick at Barneys NY - with the pink jacket on pre-order for $1,475 and the oversized distressed black sweatshirt and gray "screaming hand"  sweatshirt going for a cool $570.

Louis Vuitton X Supreme Collab - launching July 2017

On the flipside iconic skate brand Supreme did a collab with Louis Vuitton that is 100% authentic and above board. Considering that so many fashion people are into Supreme already, it's doubtful that this collab hurts their brand from a core skate standpoint.

Although I highly doubt any skater we know will be buying the "skate box" that comes complete with a board, trucks, wheels and a skate wrench. (Think Louis Vuitton price points here)

Thrasher Hits Back at H&M for using its "Flame Logo"

H&M decided to do their own take on the Thrasher look with a tee that says TRIPPIN with the iconic Thrasher flames, font, and colorway. Thrasher is hitting them hard with a cease and desist, and H&M is battling back. But as always, Thrasher has the final say even on their Instagram post - The "F-Off H&M"  was a great parting shot and very typical for our industry.

Supreme x Vans SK8-HI Pro Shoe Collab

Now this one we can totally get behind - two major skate brands coming together to create a retro inspired shoe with the Supreme logo intertwined in the iconic checkerboard pattern. So simple but so rad!

So the question is, is it good for skateboarding's unique style to be appreciated and used by mainstream fashion?

Or does it make us feel that the underground, rebel feel we have had all these years is losing its mystique?

Skating Fashionista Features Our Collab Boards & Explains How They Give Back.

Jordan Beal from Skating Fashionista did  series of articles about skateboarding and giving back last week and we are honored to be featured for our Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word collab skateboards with Dwindle Distribution and Dusters California that support 501c3 non-profit organizations like GRO, Poseiden Foundation, Exposure Skate and this year, Bridge to Skate!

You can read the entire article and see all the boards (and where to buy!) on the Skating Fashionsita website ---->  HERE

While you are there make sure you check out the articles on LA Girls Skate Sesh, & Stoked to Skate who are also doing awesome things to give back to their community through skateboarding.

NBC Features GRO and Our Team Rider Zoe!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Great to see GRO featured on NBC this past week! We have been stoked to donate a portion of the proceeds of our first and second GN4LW cruiser boards from Dwindle & Dusters California to GRO.  It's a great organization run by Courtney Payne-Taylor and has ten different crews now, so they are expanding rapidly!

Congrats to Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word team rider Zoe Herishen for giving the NBC crew such a great interview, and sharing with the world how GRO and skateboarding have given her added confidence!

If you'd like to join GRO , learn to skate or come to one of their many events,  you can check out their website for all the details HERE

Women's Finals Results + Photos From Bowl-A-Rama.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sari Simpson
Jordyn Barratt
Brighton Zeuner
Poppy Starr Olsen
Amelia Brodka

Bowl-A-Rama, Bondi Beach, AU - The field was narrowed down to just five girls for the finals on Sunday and Sari Simpson, Jordyn Barratt, Brighton Zeuner, Amelia Brodka and Poppy Starr Olsen brought their "A" game. Gone were the nerves and mishaps they encountered the previous day and in their place were solid, technical runs with speed and perfect execution, that had the crowd on their feet cheering for each and every one of them.

Sari Simpson had even more speed whipping through the bowl than on the previous day - if that is even possible - she pulled off that disaster in the corner like it was nothing.  Amelia pulled off her Crail slide and every other trick she tried - smooth like the pro she is. Brighton was technical and stylish nailing it on every single wall with back to back tricks - an extremely well thought out line.  Poppy nailed her signature "fast plant" and was using the pool like her own personal playground. Jordyn Barratt had a run that was so perfect it had the crowd on its feet, hands in the air, cheering for her. Ultimately it was that perfect run that won her first place and a very large pink wrestling belt as her trophy!

We also loved seeing that Poppy, Nicole, and Hunter were out there doing the "highest air"  contest at the end of the event - way to go girls!


Jordyn Barratt        1st place
Brighton Zeuner    2nd place
Poppy Olsen          3rd place

We'd like to thank General Pants  Bowl-A-Rama, Frontside Productions, Bashful, Magnum & Co,  for having us. And special thanks to photographer Tiffany J. Williams for getting out there both days during practice and during the heats to get us these awesome shots!