Girls Skate Sesh - This Saturday In Los Angeles!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Our friends at LA GIRLS SKATE SESH have teamed up with the rad girls from CHICKS IN BOWLS for an all female skate sesh THIS Saturday, November 17 from 10 AM - 2 PM at Belvedere Skatepark in Los Angeles.

The session is FREE and all ages/abilities are welcome, if you bring a can of food you can be entered into a raffle for gear from Wicked Skate Wear! Each can of food you donate gets you (1) raffle ticket!

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word will be there as well, shooting pics for our site so there is coverage of the event  - so get ready to ride!

See you there!!

She's Changing India's Landscape, One Female Skater At A Time.

Monday, November 12, 2018

We are so in awe of Atit Verghese. You think being a female skateboarding in the USA is hard because you are a minority in the sport? Try being the only girl in a sea of boys in India where male / female roles in society are clearly defined. Atita ignored all the comments and stares, and she didn't just skate, she started a revolution so younger girls would start skating too.

Watch her story in this short film that Toyota created for their new  "Start Your Impossible" Series. 

 "Seeing people progress in a world that always tries to make you fail, I think that's really, really powerful." 

Atita Verghese - the only girl who was skateboarding in India.

Elise Crigar Is The Girl you Want To Be.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Badass Elise Crigar designed our "It's Not About Pretty" book and we love seeing the positive press she is getting this week along with her new project SHE IS MORE.

First up, Elise has an awesome interview on San Diego Voyager that is a must read. The girl always tells it like it is - balls to the walls honesty.

"I am writing this now from my couch in a little beach abode in Dana Point, California. I bet you’re expecting me to tell you that I’ve made it. Tell you that it all fell magically into place, that all my work got noticed and had paid off. Well… it hasn’t. The constant hustle continues, the same pattern. No excuses. Ever. Working after work, before work and filing my weekends. But now I am just a little closer to my goal. Seven whole states to be exact."

Read the entire interview with Elise on San Diego Voyager  HERE  

Elise is also featured on the well-known podcast,  "Adventures in Design" with Mark Brickey talking about her career and the reality of designing the "It's Not About Prety" book, skateboarding and how difficult it can be to be in the "boys club" when you first start skating, what to do when doubt creeps into your mind, and moving from Florida to California to follow her dream.

Download the podcast, grab an acai bowl and your morning latte, and be ready to feel inspired to do epic shit by the time it's over, because it's AMAZING!!

Listen to "Why Girls Don't Skateboard" with Elise Crigar on Adventures in Design

“She is More” is a portrait series of influential women that are more than pretty faces and video views. Behind their media following are women that are just as real as the tricks they are landing. These ladies are making a positive impact by not living for attention and popularity but letting their passion drive them, and sharing their experiences with others. When it comes to image likes and followers their purpose runs deeper—they are more.

Who is it?

Anyone that stands above the influence of current media trends. She speaks for herself and is not swayed or caught up in the voices of others. She does not live for attention, but to impact and make a difference.

Project Purpose

The goal of this project is to celebrate women that are using their media influence for positive, impactful purposes. I want to share their story in hopes to inspire and empower others. 

Project background

Social media is a powerhouse. The opportunity for anyone to become anything is more available than ever. Everyone deals with the power of media differently, it can bring out the best, worst or a whole new version of someone. Before starting this project, I found myself feeling exhausted from media, finding it hard to see the reality behind individuals, their content, and voice. Instead of letting this negative energy affect me and my work, I set out to highlight women that are using their media for a positive influence.

You can read about pro skateboarder Jordyn Barratt, surfer Izzy Gomez - more women will be added soon!

Check out Elise's new project SHE IS MORE on her website HERE


Exposure Skate TransWorld Recap Video.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Relive Exposure Skate via the Transworld video recap!  So much went down last weeknd - if you were there you'll be stoked to see it again, if you didn't make it to the event in person you'll wish you had!

Joan Jett - "Fresh Start" Video Inspires Females to Lead.

On the eve of the mid-term election here in the USA, Joan Jett released the video to her newest song, FRESH START. The video wasn't Joan and her band the Blackhearts rocking out,  it was filled with images of female leaders and trailblazers that have the power to change this country and inspire girls and women to do the same.

Grab your daughters, sons and your girl gang and watch - you will be glad you did. Together we can change the world.

We have this one on repeat today.

Thank you Joan!!