Poppy Starr Olsen's TEDx Talk!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We are so excited to see Poppy Starr Olsen's TEDx Talk "The Blurred Lines of Art & Skateboarding"! Poppy talks about the intersection of skateboarding and art, and shares her passion for being a world champion skater as well as a successful artist. Great TEDx talk - congrats Poppy!!

Poppy Starr Olsen - 2014 World Cup Champion!

Friday, December 12, 2014

 See the rest of this awesome article on Poppy HERE

Poppy Starr Olsen has been winning right & left this year and is now the 2014 World Cup of Skateboarding Champion for 14 and under Girls Bowl riding. Congrats Poppy!

Make sure you come out to the Vans Girls Combi contest on Jan 16  and see all the girls compete for the start of the 2015 World Cup season. Poppy will be there defending her title!

Who's Rad? Sky Brown.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

 The first time we saw a video of Sky was when her dad sent us some clips of her, after the first 2 seconds it had our full attention. The girl RIPS. You forget she is only 6 years old - she's throwing down 360 grabs while laughing and having fun. This girl loves to skate and has NO fear. Her goal is to come to the USA for Exposure contest next year - lets hope she does because we know she has a lot of fans here and we'd all love to see her skate in person! Yeah Sky - so stoked to do this interview with you - you are inspiring girls EVERYWHERE. xx

Who's Rad?     Sky Brown

Age?     6

Home is?        Miyazaki City, JAPAN

How long have you been skateboarding?           3 years

How long have you been surfing?       2 years

What got you into these 2 sports? 

I’ve been going to skate parks with my dad ever since I can remember It always been way more fun for me than regular parks, I just prefer Ramps and Bowls to Swings and Slides they are just sooo much more fun.

When I was little I used to hassle my dad to go with him for the morning surfs so I could play on the beach, I would even get into the car and refuse to leave, then one day my dad got me a soft board and pushed me into some small waves, and that was that. I was hooked pretty fast hahaha. Now I get up super early every morning and jump on my dad until he wakes up and takes me surfing.

What do you enjoy most about both surfing and skateboarding?

I love going really fast on my skateboard esp. in a bowl, being able to pop high and getting new tricks down, is just soo fun. Flying down the line on a wave its just the funnest thing ever... Also my friends, I really love Skating and Surfing my friends.

The girls I surf with are Rina, Aimee, Mana, Shino and Kaho, they are all double my age (12, 13, 14) but they are so funny and really good surfers they always make me laugh. It’s funny because we just sit in the lineup of adults just laughing and playing as girls do, but when the sets come we are all down to business. I don’t like being indoors and I really enjoy just being in the ocean.

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU:

Bryce Wettstein cos she’s such a good skater and she’s my #1 hero, I really want to be like her, I always watch her youtube videos they make me so pumped and happy. she’s so funny and sooo awesome and cool. Also Brighton Zeuner, Spencer Breaux, Sabre Norris, Alana Smith

Girls that Surf that inspire YOU?

Bryce Wettstein again cos shes surfs so nice and shes my hero haha, and Zoe Benedetto (heavy Z) shes uber cool. Also Quincy Davis, Carrissa moore, and my surfer girlfriends here at home Rina, Kaho, Shino, Mana, and Aimee.

Favorite place you've ever skated? 

Miyazaki City Skate Park which is my local and is sooo good and Treasure Isle Bowl which is an indoor wooden bowl with pool coping and is so mega to blast around, and of course San Clemente Skate Park that one’s soo fun.

Favorite place you have ever surfed?

Kizakihama a beachie in Miyazaki for sure, its like 4 mins from my home, and it’s just the best beach break ever, and some of the reef breaks near my home in Miyazaki.

Favorite Trick or maneuver – skateboarding?   

Boneless’s and 360 GRABS they are just too fun

Editors Note: We'd also say launching herself off of anything she can is another Sky Favorite ...

Favorite trick or maneuver – surfing?

That has to be Cutbacks, and pumping down the line really fast.


 Moonjelly Wetsuits , 5050waveskates surfboards by BEN WEI,
FLAKE clothing, Greenfix ECO Surfwax   XS helmets  PRIDE SOCK

Three Things You Don't Know About Me?

1. I love to dance all the time so does my little brother Ocean, he is pretty good, I taught him all his moves. we pretty much don’t have a day that goes by that we don’t have a dance

2. I hate vegetables YUCK there gross, I'm still afraid of the dark!!!

3. I have my own bedroom so does my brother but we have never ever slept in it cos I love to sleep with my parents - I love hugs.

What’s Next? 

I really really want to go to Exposure next year, so I’m working super hard to get better and get there that’s my goal!!!

Make sure you follow Sky on: 

Facebook: Stu Braun (my dad)

Instagram: awsmkids (my mom)

Youtube: stu4real 

XS Helmet x GN4LW Collab Helmet Is Now Available!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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Who's Rad? Kyra Williams.

Photo: Russ Hoover
Photo: Steve Gaffney
  Photo: Robby Staley
Photo: Tavi Lono
Photo: Russ Hoover

We had heard about Kyra for a few years, the small blonde girl shredding the waves out front as if she was just hanging out in her own private playground having fun, & totally immune to those watching her in awe. Kyra is a true ripper, and with her consistent wins in the NSSA contests last season (and this season!) a lot more people are now knowing her name. She also skates and can usually be found carving up the alleys (barefoot)  when the  waves are small.  Keep your eye on this young shredder - she loves surfing Tavarua,  so maybe big wave surfing is in her future as well!

Who's Rad?   Kyra Williams

Age?     13

Home is?      Manhattan Beach, California

How long have you been surfing?    I tandem surfed with my dad when I was little, but I really got into surfing and padding into my own waves when I was 11.

What got you into surfing?     I've always watched my dad and brother surf since I was really little, but I really loved watching videos of Carissa Moore and John John Florence.

What do you enjoy most about surfing?     I love just being in the ocean and getting the rush of going fast down the line.

Do you enjoy competing in contests or is freeriding your thing?   I love both! Competing is a blast because it's so fun to test your skills in a certain amount of time and free riding is super fun because it's a good way to practice your skills and just relax.

Do you: shortboard? Longboard? SUP?    I short board mostly, but I also love to longboard and SUP!

Girls that Surf that inspire YOU?    Girls that inspire me are Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson, Courtney Conolouge, and Laura Enever.

Favorite place you have ever surfed?     My favorite place I've ever surfed is Cloudbreak!

Favorite Surf Movie?     I really love Lakey Peterson's Zero to One Hundred.

Any memorable contests?     My most memorable was at the South Side of Huntington Pier when it was firing.

Favorite trick or maneuver?      For sure barrels.

We know you skate too – tell us about that – what type of skateboarding are you into?     I love to skate bowls and just cruise around.

Sponsors:     Spyder Surf and Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I love to play the guitar and ukulele.
2. I love skiing Aspen Mountain.
3. I've always wanted to work at a fashion magazine one day!

What’s Next? 

I have contests all winter in the NSSA gold coast and Southwest.   I'm headed to Tavarua for spring break!

Make sure you follow Kyra on:  instagram @kyrasurf