Lizzie Armanto in The Ride Channel's Free Lunch.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lizzie Armanto in The Ride Channel's FREE LUNCH video. Hear how she met her BFF Allysha Le, the key to dying hair, arts and crafts, and representing women's skateboarding. And some great advice on what it's really like being a pro skater - it's not just skating.

Poseisen's Ladies Day At The Berrics Is Coming!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Make sure you "Save the Date" because Poseiden Foundation's annual LADIES DAY AT THE BERRICS is coming! Once again they are having a Best Trick Contest with Open and Pro divisions, prize money for Pro, awesome prizes for the Open division.

Poseiden puts on an amazing event and we promise that you don't want to miss it!

Make sure you RSVP ---->

We will see you there! 

Watch Brighton, Jordyn and Kisa's Podium Placing Runs!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

all photo images and video via Vans Park Series

12 year old Brighton Zeuner pulled out all the stops and landed every single trick in this truly awesome run to earn her 1st place and the Women's 2016 World Champion status.

Jordyn Barratt was sitting in 10th place with 1 run left, and we were all biting our nails to see what would happen. Luckily Jordyn thrives on pressure and put down an epic run that moved her all the way up to 2nd place!

Kisa Nakamura technically wasn't even making the trip to Malmo, Sweden for the Championships, but when 1st place qualifier from the Huntington Beach contest, Hanna Zanzi, had to drop out, Kisa came on-board as the alternate, flying in from her home in Japan.  She kicked butt and ended up going from alternate to 3rd place!

 Huge thanks to Vans and The Boardr for an amazing event!

Pics From The Women's Event At The Vans Park Series Championships.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Brighton Zeuner

Jordyn Barratt
Kisa Nakamura
Allysha Le
Yndiara Asp
Nicole Hause

 Photos by Joanne Barratt - please feel free to share on your social media but make sure you credit @joannebarratt_photo - thank you!

We're starting to get in some pics from photographer Joanne Barratt who shot for us at the Vans Park Series Championships in Malmo, Sweden today, and here's a taste of what's to come...

We can't wait to see more!

Congrats to all the girls for skating hard and tearing it up. If you want to catch the video of Julz doing that insane drop in,  see our previous posts. CRAZY!

Huge thanks to Vans and The Boardr for an amazing event!

12 Year Old Brighton Zeuner is The Vans Park Series Women's World Champion!

1st place - Brighton Zeuner
2nd place Jordyn Barratt
3rd place Kisa Nakamura
  All images and info via Vans Park Series

Malmö, SWEDEN (August 20, 2016)  Setting the tone for the ISF-recognized World Championships of park terrain skateboarding, 12-year old phenom Brighton Zeuner swept the packed stands away with a fantastic 360 melon over the ski jump to land her winning score. Brighton is joined by Jordyn Barratt, who rose from last place in the final minutes to claim a glorious second place win. And finally for a true Cinderella story, Japan’s Kisa Nakamura, a contender who has traveled far and wide to enter today as first alternate, triumphs with excellent form and speed to secure third.

“I’m so happy. All the girls killed it. It has been so much fun. This is my third time [in Malmö] and every time it’s the best vibes ever—and I’m picky with my vibes!” 

–Brighton Zeuner, Vans Park Series Women’s World Champion

Women’s Final Results

1st – Brighton Zeuner
2nd – Jordyn Barratt
3rd – Kisa Nakamura
4th – Allysha Le
5th – Lizzie Armanto
6th – Yndiara Asp
7th – Nora Vasconcellos
8th – Nicole Hause
9th – Julz Lynn Kindstrand
10th – Bryce Wettstein