Pint Sized Female Skateboarder On a Mission To Inspire & Empower.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Photo Christin Rose

Our 8 year old team rider Sky Brown, has been on websites everywhere recently, but she'd like to go even further,  Sky has decided that what she'd really like to do is to create a a mission to empower & inspire other kids who are in less fortunate situations.

With her enthusiasm and skateboard, she will be skateboarding and speaking at some special schools and programs here in LA, to boys and girls, but she needs help with her goal of getting here to do this.

Please visit  her Funrazr Page to learn more about it, and donate if you can - every little bit helps her accomplish her goals.

She's only 8 but has some great goals in giving back - we love seeing that.

Check out where she will be speaking and skating here in LA, and what else she has planned - right HERE

Photos From The LA Girls Skate Sesh At Westchester Skate Plaza.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hannah Tallman
Vianez Morales
Alishia Stevens
Noelia Veiez
Jazzmen Chavez
Hannah Tallman

**If you'd like to share any of these photos on social media - please feel free, but we ask that you please mention that the session was an @lagirlsskatesesh and that the photo was taken by @ianloganphoto for @girlisnota4letterword - thank you!

Another awesome meet up by LA Girls Skate Sesh - this time it was at Westchester Skatepark. Seeing these female skateboarders of all ages come out, encourage one another, and basically take over a skatepark was great. They played a game of skate, did tricks off the 5 stair and gave out prizes. But the main thing was getting together, skating hard and having fun as a group.

We also had our friends from Dogeared Jewelry visit today and gift all of the girls with a Dogeared necklace of their choice. Every girl picked out something different that fit their personality - see the some of rthe rad little necklaces each girl picked above - super cool stuff!

Huge thanks to Jazzmen who puts on these sessions, all you are doing for girls in skateboarding is greatly appreciated!

Follow @lagirlsskatesesh on instagram to see when/where the next meet up will be and make sure you mark your calendar because these skate sessions are always rad!

All Girls Skate Film - Quit Your Day Job Trailer and Premier.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The wait is almost over!  Next Thursday, September 29 is the premier of QUIT YOUR DAY JOB, the new skate film by Monique O'Toole and Erik Sandoval, starring Vanessa Torres, Samarria Brevard, Candy Jacobs, Nika Washington, Mariah Duran, Lacey Baker, Annie Guglia, Savannah Headden and many other rad female skaters, including our team rider Minna Stess!

It's been so many years since there was a full length feature film on female skaters, and this is long overdue, and has been the talk of the skateboard scene for months now.

If you're in LA next week make sure you show up and support!

When:     Thursday, Sept 29, 2016
Where:    Escala Restaurant in K-Town
                3451 West 6th Street
                Los Angeles

*All ages welcome!

Premiere at 8:30 PM - but come by for dinner with your crew starting at 6:30 PM

LA Girls Skate Sesh This Saturday!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Get ready because LA GIRLS SKATE SESH is having another Saturday get together! This time at Westchester Skatepark.

Bring your board and your girl friends and get ready to shred!

When:      Saturday, Sept 24, 2016
Time:       10 AM - 2 PM
Where:     Westchester Skatepark, 7000 W. Manchester Avenue, Los Angeles (it's near LAX)
What:      A game of skate and best trick on the stairs - there will be prizes!!

What else: They will also be selling their new tie-dye T-shirts so bring some cash if you want one- they are badass!!

See you there!!!

A Film About The Girls Skate Scene in Brighton.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We love this film about 17 yr old Josie Millard and the growing skate scene in Brighton. Nice to see these films about girls, skating all over the world.

Director Ophelia Wynne

Featuring Josie Millard, Rianne Evans, Danielle Gallagher, Jenna Selby, Lucy Adams, Samantha Bruce, Helena Long, Michael Biddulph, Amy Ram, Girlsskate UK, Candice Bailey, Claire Thompson, Zane Crowther, Josh Wells, Joey Terroni, Al Hodgson, Sirus Gahan, Harris Wollgar, Zak G, Josh Manderson, Anita Arvelo Almonte, Chyrise Bobby, Stefani Nurding, Natasher Beecher, Hannah Bailey, Tracy Hibbit, Ellie Ford, Beta Pritchards, Justine Gibson, Hannah Bettany, Carla Von Marx and boy, Harriet Ashworth, Chloe Mollison, Jade Roberts, Wings Chan, Georgie Winter, Rachel Grant, Sarah Solanke, Noriko, Sophie Allen, Melka Orury, Iva Moutelikova, Henrietta Bishop, Lottie Price, Lilly Hartmann, Jocelyn Lawless, Lovenskate.