One To Watch: Surfer Paige Alms Movie "The Wave I Ride".

Friday, April 29, 2016

This new movie "THE WAVE I RIDE" about big wave surfer Paige Alms is a must see.

Paige Alms is among an elite group of surfers who dedicate their lives to riding giants. Paige grew up with Pe'ahi in her backyard, a proving ground for all big wave surfers. Also known as 'Jaws,' the break gets its nickname for the toothy wave that rolls through the lineup, enticing those who wish to test their wits.

 Historically dominated by the boys, big wave surfing isn't for the faint of heart. Some even say it's not for women. But Paige Alms defies the boundaries of big wave surfing every time she paddles into a bomb to put herself up against one of nature's most ultimate forces.

Paige's story is told in The Wave I Ride, what she does in the ocean by any standard is incredible, but to do so with such humility and passion is what separates her from the rest.

This is not just another surf film. It's not about aerials and cut backs. It's the story of what the ocean gives this woman's soul and what she gives back.

It releases today on ITUNES and you can order it HERE

Sky & Ocean Skateboarding On The Steve Harvey Show - Video.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Did you miss catching our team rider 7 year old Sky and her 4 year old brother Ocean on the Steve Harvey show yesterday? Well, we have the recap in the two videos above, and it's pretty awesome!

Congrats Sky & Ocean - you rocked this!

XXL Awards - Surfer Girls Win Big, And Keala Kennelly's Speech Kills It!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Keala Kennelly & Niki DiSanto
Keala Kennelly
Keala Kennelly wins the Pure Scot Barrel Award
Courtney Conlogue
Bob Pearson and family
Andrea Moller
Fletcher Crew
Andrea Moller Wins Women's Best Performance
Keala Kennelly & Crew
Mason Barnes, Jim Gray & Pelle
Malia Ward & Jacqueline Miller
Malia Ward
Shane Dorian

All images by Lorrie Palmos Photography

In case you missed it, the XXL awards were pretty awesome, and we have to say that for us, the best part of the show was Keala Kennelly's speech (below) after winning the Pure Scot Barrel Award. This is the very first time a female has been up for this award and her wave was insane!

It was the speech everyone in the action sports world was talking about minutes after it went down, and we think it's pretty fierce.

"When I was a little girl I didn't want to be a little girl. Because when I was a little girl, I kept getting told you can't do that because you're a girl. You can't play football because you're a girl, you can't pee standing up, and for the record I can pee standing up, my aim isn't that good so I'll give you guys that one.  I heard all these things - you can't do this because you're a girl. You can't do this because you're a woman. Women can't surf. OK, women can surf, but women can't get barreled, women can't surf big waves, women can't surf pipeline, women can't surf  Teahupo'o, women can't paddle Jaws, women can't get barreled at Jaws. So who I really, really, want to thank is everyone in my life who told me you can't do that because you're a woman, because that drove me to dedicate my life to proving you wrong. And it's been so damn FUN."   Keala Kennelly

Hell yeah Keala - thank you for smashing glass ceilings, kicking ass, and showing the world what girls can do.   #Boom    You can also watch it in the video above - it starts at about 1:29 minutes in.

*Big thanks to Lorrie Palmos for sharing her photos from the night with us!

Team Rider Minna Stess in New Athleta Campaign!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Check out 9 year old Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word team rider Minna Stess in the new Athleta Girl Campaign! Minna's rocking some new Athleta gear and doing an ollie, front and center on the Athleta website today.

We love that Athleta chose to feature Minna, and we hope seeing her will inspire more young girls to get out and skateboard.

Congrats Minna!

Nylon Magazine Features 5 All Girl Skate Crews.

Make sure you pick up the May 2016 issue of Nylon Magazine, because they've done a huge feature on  all girl skate crews from Los Angeles, Chicago, The Bronx, Phoenix and Brooklyn. 

Some of the crews and names are familiar to most female skaters  - like Natalie Krishna Das & Jean Rusen with the Las Chicaz crew, and Meow's Lacey Baker, & Vanessa Torres. But it's cool to hear about all these other rad girls who are forming their own crews and skating hard.

Why have an all girls skate crew you might ask?

Brandy McDonald of Brooklyn's skate crew says it best "It makes you feel like you are 16 again. Every time we come together and skate it's like a clubhouse."