The 3rd Annual Venice Ladies Jam is This Saturday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The annual Venice Ladies Jam is one of our favorite events of the year! So many female skaters of all ages and levels in one place, with Venice Skatepark all to themselves.  There are prizes for each age group listed on flyer and give-a-ways all day long - thanks to all the great sponsors!

But more than competing, it's just a fun day to get all your girlfriends together and skate under the warm California sun, right on Venice Beach.  You get to meet and connect with so many other female skaters - it's the best!


Venice Ladies Jam

Date:  April 28th, 2018
Time:  10:30 - 4:00 PM
Location:  Venice Skatepark

The IKEA Skateboard Product We Can't Wait to Hack!

Monday, April 23, 2018

images via IKEA

IKEA launched it's new SPÄNST collection with designer Chris Stamp this past week, and while we can not say that we are fans of the idea of an IKEA skateboard (yes, that is one of the items for sale for $89.99) we are big fans of the skateboard rack /shoe rack they are selling for $69.99.

Some of you may have rooms where the black finish will look cool, but for girls who have a lighter, brighter space, we suggest an easy IKEA HACK  for this new product.  "IKEA Hacks" are nothing new, people have been "customizing" their IKEA products in so many ways for years now that there is even a site devoted to the best ones. We think this product could be the easiest IKEA Hack ever!

Grab some white primer and either matte or gloss spray paint in white or gold (or any other color you like) and start changing the look up to match your rooms vibe. This is so easy it's crazy, because there is nothing you need to mask off - unless you want to spray the rails a different color than the side bars.

Another and even easier hack would  be to grab all your fav skate stickers and sticker it up!

The SPÄNST collection debuted this past week at the Burbank Ikea and will roll out to other Ikea stores in May. Visit or check your local Ikea store for availability.

* And sadly that mini ramp is not part of the IKEA collection for sale....

"I Had A Conversation" Podcast Features a Pro Female Skateboarder.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

One of our favorite photographers, and all around nice guy on the skate scene, Ken Hada, has created a podcast called "I HAD A CONVERSATION" and we had a chance to take a listen to it this weekend.

We loved the conversation he had with his long time friend and muse, pro skateboarder Julie Kindstrand  AKA Julz Lynn. In fact, we devoured the first episode twice and are eagerly awaiting the second part of the conversation, which should be released soon.

Julz Lynn captured by Ken Hada - Ken has been shooting Julz's progression for years

Julie share memories of her first Vans Girls Combi, the backyard pools and ramps she skated while growing up as a grom in the OC, why her dads pool is called The Bible Bowl and what it's like being a girl entering your first skate contest (did you know that Julie started by entering CASL comps?) yep, so much insight in this podcast!

You may also want to take a listen to his other guests including skate photographer Ray Zimmerman, actor John Stamos, and more.

We love these candid and casual conversations that preserve memories, but also give insight into the people, places, and moments that make up our skate history.

You can listen to the Podcast with Julie HERE  

You can also listen to "I HAD A CONVERSATION" with Ken Hada, on itunes or via Google Play.

Downhill Racer Emily Pross Makes Skate History!

Friday, April 20, 2018

It's Friday so we thought things couldn't get even better, but they just DID!

News just came in that downhill racer Emily "The Prosecutor" Pross just made history by winning the OPEN class in International Downhill Federation Racing at a race in the Philippines!!  That means she beat out the men's world champion and a bunch of other guys in the top rankings. No other woman has ever done this!

Her words in her post above, speak to all of us. #GirlPower

 Huge congrats Emily, way to go breaking through those pesky glass ceilings!!

** info via @emilylongboards  @idfwomen  & longboardgirlscrew - follow them on instagram for more news on women's downhill!

GN4LW Takes Over Venice Skatepark.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

We always say "Live life balls to the wall. Do epic shit. Take every dare that comes your way. You can sleep when you're dead."

So that's exactly what we did when we asked nine girls to be part of this video project.

We'd like to thank every single person who made this video a reality - this was not an easy feat.  Most are listed below, but there are a few "angels" as well, and without them, this video never would have been possible. So huge thanks to Ilene Block and Lifetime TV for believing in this movement.

We had a full film crew, motorhome, trailers, catering and more  out at Venice skatepark and took it over for the entire day - these 7 female skateboarders and 2 WCMX athletes had the park to themselves and rode from dawn to dusk, having a blast with one another.

Pretty much an epic day California day.


Jordyn Barratt
Hunter Long
Minna Stess
Quinne Daniels
Vianez Morales
Emma Houle
Sky Brown

WCMX Athletes:

Katherine Beattie
Jamey Perry


Sr. Creative Director - Ilene Block
Producer - Jessica Kollar
DP - Oscar Chavez
A Cam - Neal Lett
B Cam - Jeff Scott
Drone Operator - Eddie Terriquez
Utily - Steven Albano
Gaffer - Alan Halcon
Grip - Javier Bonilla
Sound - Gabe Chu
Photographer - Christin Rose
BTS Photo + Video Kate Adams
Photographer  - Ian Logan
DIT - Lawrence Anthony
PA - Ari Davis
Skate Visuals - Colin Clark


Make-up & Hair - Kelly Shew
Wardrobe - Cindy Whitehead
Wardrobe Assistant - Amanda Looker


Janji - Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) Provided by NCS

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