Pro-Tec Basics With The Cannon Sisters.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Check out Ryann Cannon and her sister Jade teaching you how to figure out your stance with this new Pro-Tec Basics video.  This is something every beginner skater needs to learn before doing anything else - good job Ryann and Jade! 

Land Of Skate Video Inspires.

Monday, November 20, 2017

As the world continues to divide, in the Land of Skate people are uniting. Children and youth in countries caught up by conflict and inequality are being empowered through skateboarding.

The documentary produced by Ghost Digital Cinema, directed by renowned filmmaker Ty Evans and supported by Nimia was filmed on location in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, and captures breathtaking shots and an often unseen perspective of these countries. It goes behind the doors of Skateistan’s Skate Schools worldwide for the first time, at which over 1,800 children and youth are gaining access to education and opportunities. It delves deeper into the inspiring stories of Latifa, Ahmed, Soso and Srey Pich who, despite living in difficult circumstances, have found a route to empowerment through skateboarding and education.

The Land of Skate explores how Skateistan has impacted the lives of children and youth in these locations but also how skateboarding has created a global community in a divisive world. Latifa, Ahmed, Soso and Srey Pich may be from opposite sides of the globe, but they are citizens of the same land, united by skateboarding.

Find out how you can support and join the global community at

Gin Wigmore's New Music Video "Cabrona" x Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cabrona by Gin Wigmore on VEVO.

We're super excited to share the new video for "Cabrona" from badass musician Gin Wigmore - this rad lady is all about Girl Power and we couldn't be more stoked to be part of her #GirlGang!

Read an excerpt from Lady Gunn Magazine below that explains just exactly what we are doing with Gin and which skater girls we brought together to star in this video.

"Today we share the video for “Cabrona” from Gin’s most recent collaborative project #GIRLGANG, in which Gin collabs with some of her favorite female artists and people to produce multimedia Pro-Woman experiences. The “Cabrona” video in collaboration with Cindy Whitehead, founder of skate collective Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word, features four female skaters, Zara Percy, Emma Houle, Kyra Williams and Amanda Caloia. In addition to appearing in the music video, GN4LW and Gin are collaborating on a special edition skate deck to (TBD) to be designed by the artist Kristin Liu." (via Lady Gunn Magazine)

Read more on the Lady Gunn site to read Gin's full interview.

 xx GN4LW

Check out some behind the scenes pics from the "Cabrona" shoot.  Photos by Rayana

Gin Wigmore with the GN4LW #GirlGang

Amanda, Emma, Kyra and Zara

Gin and crew

Sky's The Limit x Pride Socks.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Pride Socks and Sky Brown teamed up to create a special "Sky's the Limit" pair of socks that donates $5.00 from every pair sold to ISF, a non-profit that helps the educational needs of impoverished children in Cambodia.  Check out the video above to get the full story and how you can help.

About ISF:

"ISF believes children have the right to a childhood where they can learn and flourish – but in Cambodia just 1 in 3 children finish primary school, and extreme poverty forces many to work from a very young age and prevents them from attending school.

Together, we can change that. We have seen hundreds of young lives transformed by our education programs, as children develop the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty. We have watched them find relief from their hardships through our sports programs, while gaining the education, motivation and determination they need to succeed in life.

Together, we can make a difference one child at a time."

Congrats Pride Socks and Sky!

History Of Board Shapes Featuring Nora Vasconcellos.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Watch both episodes of  History of Board Shapes via Transworld Skateboarding.  Interesting stuff with Paul Schmitt and Chuck Hults.

Spoiler alert, make sure you check out what pro skater Nora Vasconcellos has to say in the second episode.