Who's Rad? Juli Hernandez.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Photo: John Lienman
Photo: Jon Hodges
Photo: Jon Hodges
Photo: Kurt Steinmetz

People kept mentioning Juli's name to us. Here and there it would come up - and the people telling us about her didn't even know one another. That's when we knew we had to track  this 16 yr old surfer/skater down, and have a meet up. Turns out it was easier than we expected. There she was hanging at the Vans US Open bowl with all her skater friends during the women's contest. Yep, she moves seamlessly between surf and skate circles as if it was nothing to do both sports extremely well.

You may not know her name yet, but believe me you will. Juli surfs aggressively, but with beautiful style. Her skating is the same, charge & attack but still with a low, smooth, flow to it - reminds me of a boy I grew up skating with with named Jay Adams. Juli is definitely not afraid to "Go For It", and that combined with her easy going style, in and out of the water, makes her someone very special, and definitely one to watch!

Who's Rad?        Julianne Hernandez

Age?       16 Years old

Home is?      Costa Mesa, California

How long have you been skateboarding?        4 years

How long have you been surfing?      5 years

What got you into these 2 sports?

Just being raised in California where there everyone is into these sports like surfing and skating so I thought why not do both.

What do you enjoy most about both surfing and skateboarding?

I like how when you surf or skate everyone is different. You show your style and personality through those sports and there is really no wrong way to skate or surf. I mean sure your style may not be as smooth as the pros but it doesn't mean it's wrong.

Do you enjoy competing in contests, or is freeriding your thing?

Yes I do enjoy competing in contest. Not only because you win or lose but because you get to experience and interact with different people from around the world. I never forget the reason I started surfing or skating though.. I started it because I loved it not for the experience of winning or losing.

Girls Who Skate that inspire YOU:

There are so many I have come to look up to like Leticia Bufoni, Julz Lynn and Alana Smith, but some of my friends like Sarah Thompson who really push me to improve really do inspire me.

Girls that Surf that inspire YOU?

Like I said before, there are so many like your Lakey's, Carissa's, Stephanie's, but one that truly inspire me is one of my best friends.. Meah Collins.. It would take a book to explain everything but she has always been there. No doubt.

Favorite place you've ever skated?      

Man, do I love Etnies…

Favorite place you have ever surfed?

I really want to travel and find a wave I can truly call my favorite but for now I'll have to say Rincon.

Favorite Trick or maneuver – skateboarding?       Aren’t Nose Blunts just beautiful?

Favorite trick or maneuver – surfing?      I'm going to have to say barrels.. All day long.


Papa Hernandez (every contest I'm at), Vanguard Surf and Skate, & Hurley

Three Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. I do every sport that ends with "board"

2. I'm Cuban and Costa Rican with some Italian and Spanish thrown in there somewhere.

3. I think Girl is NOT a 4 letter word is one of the best companies out there for inspiring girls. Honestly.

What’s Next?

Well, I just want to keep doing what I'm doing. Exploring different spots to surf/skate... Life's an adventure and I'm just super stoked to be living it and meeting some pretty rad people and visiting various places all over the world along the way.

Lastly I would like to thank GN4LW for the interview! Keep doing what your doing! Stay Rad!

Make sure you follow Juli at:

Instagram: @juliphernandez
Twitter:    @juli_penelope
Facebook:   Juli Hernandez

A Message To Every Mom & Girl.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

 Photo: Jason Kenworthy

Note:  Sierra, Relz & Bella, from The Pink Helmet Posse are not part of the article mentioned below, BUT we do think they embody the qualities Girls Gone Child writes about and these young skater girls are a great reminder to all girls out there to do what YOU love, no matter what anyone else says. 

If you have a daughter who skates, or you are a girl who has faced an obstacle or two from boys along the way to doing what you love,  this piece from blogger Girls Gone Child is a must read.

This is how it starts out from the moms childhood perspective....

I wrote about my purple skateboard, then--about how, when I was little growing up on a street surrounded by boys, I wanted to be one of them. Except they didn't want me to be a part of their group so they broke my skateboard and told me that girls couldn't skate.

I listened to them. I must have been about seven or eight at the time but those words changed me. I spent my entire high school years dating skateboarders, sitting on their boards, attending their contests, wearing the logos of their sponsors to school on my backpacks and hoodies, hell even shoes. I even worked at a skate shop for two summers, gripping boards and selling trucks and picking up lunch for everyone.

I am bringing this story back from the archives only because, all these years later,  it has been weighing heavy on my heart that I was unable to SEE myself as someone other than the spectator.
Not that I would have ever become a great skateboarder but now I recognize that instead of standing up for myself I sat down. I worshiped the very boys who told me I couldn't. And, embarrassingly enough, a part of me still does.

And it goes from there into what her daughter, Fable,  is going through with some rowdy boys at school,  how Fable handled herself, & what her mom ended up learning from her self confident young daughter  - a really good lesson for all of us.

Read the whole article on GIRLS GONE CHILD

5 To Follow on Pinterest.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Everyone loves a good visual, and sometimes scrolling through instagram for good skate photos is a crap shoot.

So here are 5 awesome boards to follow on Pinterest  . Get ready to get inspired, learn about some new skater girls, and start pinning!

Skate Style (Sunset Sessions) - this is a great board to follow, but seriously ALL of their boards will inspire you.  Not a bad one in the bunch!

Skater Girls (Karine Gratton) - great selection of female skate shots - all pretty rad!  She keeps pinning more & more. Awesome source of inspiration.

Go Skateboarding (Dora Kim) - fun, colorful and mainly covers skater girls. Some fashion skate shots mixed with core. 

Shred (Volcom Womens) - mix of skate & surf, but what we love is it isn't and ad for Volcom - its a mix of inspirational images that evoke the California girl lifestyle.

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word - yep, we have our own board on founder Cindy Whitehead's Pinterest page. Some pins are from our GN4LW site (so Pinterest great place to catch up if you've missed some of our site posts) and we love to pin what we find on other people's pages.

Rocky Mountain Rampage Women's Results.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Women's Vert Podium - Photo via World Cup Skateboarding
Women's Pool Podium - Photo via Nikki Breaux

Congrats to all the girls who showed up and skated hard at the Rocky Mountain Rampage contest put on by World Cup Skateboarding this weekend. Dave Duncan was announcing (who doesn't love that?!) we also loved that we could watch it via a live webcast - and seeing everyone tearing it up on our instagram feed was awesome too.

Results Vert comp:

1st     Gaby Ponce
2nd    Julz Lynn
3rd     Spencer Breaux
4th     Sarah Thompson
5th     Nicole Noller

Results Pool Comp:

1st     Julz Lynn
2nd    Spencer Breaux
3rd     Sarah Thompson

P.S. Not to forget a skater boy who really made an impact this weekend - HUGE congrats to 11 yr old Evan Doherty for landing a 900!  Amazing!!

Chasing The Rubber Duck.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

 Photos by Ian Logan

Sometimes weekends are for skating around LA and seeing what's new. This weekend we decided to chase the worlds largest rubber duck all over LA Harbor and until we finally caught up with him.

He's 6 stories tall and bright yellow - you can't miss him. People all over LA are simply memorized by him. The dude is a celebrity and he only arrived here on Wednesday afternoon. Now that's star power.

Skating the streets (or harbors of LA) is always entertaining.

Get out and SKATE - you never know what you will see!