Oh No! Skateboarding Is The New Fitness Craze.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Looks like Penny Skateboards and the uber cool Paris store Colette have teamed up for a video showing how a skateboard can also be used to do an in home fitness workout.

We say whatever gets you moving, however we think going out and actually skateboarding does the job just fine and it's a hell of a lot more fun!


Sky & Ocean on German Show "Super Kids".

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We missed seeing this when it came out but thanks to Youtube we can finally share it! our seven year old team rider Sky & three year old brother Ocean, went to Germany this past year to do the show "Super Kids"and they both killed it on the mini half-pipe, and the judges of the show absolutely loved them!

It had to be overwhelming with that huge crowd, but they both skated like champs!

Pro Skateboarder Lizzie Armanto in "While The Water Boils" Web Series.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Check out this video teaser of "While the Water Boils" with pro skater and X-Games gold medalist Lizzie Armanto.

 Here are some  the details on the series and when Lizzie's full episode will air.

Hannah Hart, YouTuber, creator of My Drunk Kitchen and New York Times bestselling author, knows how to have a good time over a good meal better than anyone. As the host of the new web series, While the Water Boils™, now live on YouTube and PassionForPasta.com™, Hart is once again doing what she does best with the help of cultural icons like pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto, and others who embody distinct passions - fashion stylist Rachel Zoe, Bill Nye the Science Guy, etc. etc. .

In each episode, Hart welcomes a different celebrity guest into her kitchen and delves into their passions – all in the time it takes a pot of water to boil. In this timeframe, Hannah gets an inside, hands-on look at what her guests have learned in the pursuit of their passions.

"The path taken by each of my While the Water Boils guests is so unique and different from one another" Hart says. "It proves this truth: no matter where you start, if you trust yourself, honor those around you, and pursue what you love, anything can happen."

The While the Water Boils series consists of two three-episode seasons, both of which will be available for viewing on Barilla's US YouTube page and PassionForPasta.com™. The second season, which premieres in October 2016, will feature professional skateboarder Lizzie Armanto.

"The celebrities featured in this video series are compelling because they were able to take their passions and turn them into a career," Hart notes.

We will make sure to post a reminder when Lizzie's episode airs so stay tuned!

Brighton, Jordyn & Spencer at the Vans Pool Party.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Brighton Zeuner
Spencer Breaux
Jordyn Barratt

Mike Rogers from Grind For Life

 Photos by Don Sheffler

The  May 14,  2016 Vans Pool Party may have been about the men's competition, but the half-time show with OG skater and founder of Grind for Life , Mike Rogers, and these 3 female rippers was something to watch.  Brighton Zeuner, Spencer Breaux, and Jordyn Barratt dropped in along with Mike, kicked some ass, and showed the crowd that girls are killing it in large settings like Combi.

These girls bring a lot of positivity to our sport. Did you know that both Brighton and Jordyn are headed off to the X-Games in a couple weeks to compete in women's park? That they both just got back from competing in Sweden? That at age 11 and as a newly minted pro skater, Brighton is the youngest X-Games competitor in X-Games history? That Spencer flew in from her home in Colorado to do this demo, and is a top ranked under 14 year old AM? These girls are achieving great things in skateboarding, and we think people need to know about them. We love that they were invited to do this demo with Mike and Grind For Life.

Vans also presented Mike with a check for $1,000 for his foundation which helps educate, inspire, and also offers financial assistance, for those dealing with cancer and their families.

 Huge thanks to photographer Don Sheffler for letting us run his awesome photos!

Weekends Are Meant For Soul Skating.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Weekend Advice:

Trespass to find that secret spot, climb a fence and bail that empty backyard pool, take a risk, have an adventure.

Skateboarding didn't start in a skatepark.
Find the place that fuels your stoke.
This weekend pretend it's the 70's and be a true SOUL SKATER.
Skate for the LOVE of it.

Hell yes to this pic of our rad GN4LW brand ambassador Elise Crigar for always fueling her stoke, no matter where it takes her. 

Check out our online store shopgirlisnota4letterword.com  for more of our vintage "It's Not About Pretty" flannels like the one Elise is wearing.

Besides looking badass, they also come in handy to throw across the top of fences to protect you from the sharp wire...