Teach Skateboarding In Palestine!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's that time of the year again!

SkatePal is currently accepting applications for male and female volunteers to teach skateboarding in Palestine between March and October 2019. Placements are offered for either one or two months.

For more information or to receive your application form please email: info@skatepal.co.uk

Margielyn Didal Named One Of Time's Most Influential Teens!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Pro street skater, Margielyn Didal, from Cebu has just been named one of Time Magazine's most influential teens! After winning gold at the Asian Games she changed the persepctive of  being a female skateboarder in her native country, the Phillippines. Getting people, including her family,  to realize that skateboarding is not just a boy's sport.

Congrats to Margielyn for leading the way to create change!  That is HUGE!

15 Rad Holiday Gifts For The Female Skateboarder You Love.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word x Sunshine Canteen Tee's

 Nora Vasconcellos "Wicked Queen" pro model from Welcome Skateboards

Lizzie Armanto's pro wheel by Bones

Badass Skatemom Socks

Mixt Studio x GN4LW "Good Vibes" tote bag

Salt Rags Skateboards for kids

 It's Not About Pretty: A Book About Radical Skater Girls

S1 "Pink Helmet Posse" Helmet

The Skate Kitchen Movie

2x4 Mini Ramps   

Femme Magnifique Book

Dusters California x GN4LW "Street Angel" cruiser

 Krux Hardware

 Street Angel Graphic Novels

 Dickies Girl Apparel / Photo Julie Daniels

Check out our holiday gift guide, full of rad ideas for the female skater on your gift list!

We've put together a list of 15 gifts, from low ($4.95) to high ($1,800), beginner to advanced, that any female skateboarder in your life would love to unwrap this holiday season!  All products shown above can be purchased online, so no rushing around from store to store, trying to hunt them down. Some sites are offering free shipping or discount codes as well. All products listed are things we put our trust in and have first-hand experience with.

Happy Holidays!!

1.  Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word x Sunshine Canteen Collab Tees -  are available in kids and adult sizes and have retro California 70's inspired graphics that everyone will love. If you use code SHOP20 you will get 20% off your entire purchase!  $22.00  to  $45.00


2.  Nora Vasconcellos "Wicked Queen" pro model by Welcome Skateboards, any adult female skater in your life would love this new design. The graphics are awesome and it just came out! And who isn't a fan of Nora?  $50.99


 3.  Bones Lizzie Armanto Pro Wheel - the china blue pattern is awesome and the wheels are fast, they come in 2 sizes, 56mm and 58mm. Great as a stocking stuffer too! They are even on sale right now!   $24.99


4. Badass Skate Mom has another great stocking stuffer - their new socks are sweet, the designs are great and who doesn't want to be fearless and badass when they skate?  $8.00


5. Mixt Studio x GN4LW "Good Vibes" Zippered Tote  - this roomy zippered tote bag is made out of Tyvek so it's super strong and washable! It also zips so all your skate gear or surf gear doesn't come tumbling out when you least expect it. The photos' on the bag were taken by GN4LW founder Cindy Whitehead, and proceeds go back to girls in skateboarding.   $46.00


6. Salt Rags Skateboards has the perfect board for your little mini shredder!  With kid appropriate graphics and sizes for any young skater, these boards are sure to be a hit under the Christmas tree. Check out their site for appropriate sizing!  $42.00


7. It's Not About Pretty Book - Want to be inspired by other girls that skate? Grab a copy of the new hardback book, "It's Not About Pretty" each book comes with a 15x19 pull-out poster of a female skater, and is chock full of female skate shots,  from parks and pools, to street and downhill.  $35.00


8. Pink Helmet Posse S1 Helmet - this helmet is designed to fit small riders and comes in PHP's signature pink colorway. It's definitely protective, but it also looks good. It's good to be a girl at the skatepark and pink is badass!  $60.00


9. The Skate Kitchen Movie - is now out on iTunes so you can rent or buy it for a skater girl you love and even send it digitally to them! Please note that this is more of a teen/adult film due to some graphic content and subject matter. Excellent "coming of age" movie about girls who skate!  $4.99/rental   $14.99 Purchase 


10. 2x4 Mini Ramps - Want to go BIG? Get her a high-quality mini ramp for your yard so she can skate whenever she wants! We like 2x4 Mini Ramps, these guys know their stuff and will even come out and put it together for you. Uneven ground? Not a problem (although extra charges may apply) they have a solution for everything and you'll be skating at home in no time! Ramp pictured is an 8x3 kit and runs $1,800.00 (without railings and extras like galvanized steel hardware etc.)


11. Femme Magnifique Book - this awesome anthology of 50 magnificient women who changed the world, is brought to you by editor Shelly Bond and published by IDW. The book is illustrated in comic book form and a fun read for any age. The visuals are stunning and the stories are amazing. And yes, a female OG skateboarder is represented!   $19.36


12.  Street Angel Cruiser - Looking for a complete cruiser that is out of the box and ready to roll? The new Dusters California x GN4LW "Street Angel" board is perfect!  With art by comic book illustrator Jim Rugg, the board features well known comic book heroine "Street Angel".  This cruiser is small enough to fit in a school locker but stable and fun to ride anywhere you need to go!   $129.95


13. Krux Hardware in Pink or Blue - Spice up her board with some Krux pink or blue hardware. The package comes with 8 pink bolts and one blue, or 8 blue and one pink - so configure any way you want. Another great stocking stuffer!  $4.95 /per pack 


14. Street Angel Graphic Novels - Artist Jim Rugg keeps us entertained all year long with these comic books where the heroine is a female skater! Street Angel, aka Jesse Sanchez, is a homeless ninja on a skateboard and the deadliest girl alive. We don’t know where she came from, how she learned to fight, or if she’s even human. She possesses powers that help her escape traps, scale walls, pick locks and every other cool thing we wished we could do at that age. Street Angel is an urban legend, a mystery...the stuff of which comic books are made.  $14.95 each


15. Dickies Girl Apparel - now made in the smallest of sizes, even your little one can now wear Dickies Girl at the skatepark. They also have Dickies Girls Junior for your teenage skater.  Many a pro skater swears by these pants and some (like Nora) even dye theirs a fav color for a more personal look.  $12.00 and up 


This Vert Silver Medalist Gets A Pro Model!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Photo Ian Logan

Big congrats to Arianna Carmona who just received her first pro model skateboard from Moonshine Skateboards! Arianna won a silver medal at the Vert World Championships in Nanjing, China in 2017, and she has been on fire this year, taking second place in vert this past October at Exposure Skate.

 The Arianna Carmona "Death Moth" is  8.25 x 32.5 with a 14.75" wheelbase, the deck is stained and handcrafted in the USA by Drifter MFG with silk screened graphics. It's a small batch run, so get yours quick!  Comes with stickers and pin.  It's a gorgeous board and should be fun to ride too!

Art by Chris Alliston

Get yours HERE

Grizzly Releases The SkateMoss Collab Collection.

 all images via Grizzly

Grizzly just released a collab collection that they did with instagram skater SkateMoss, the look is very athleisure/fashion x skate, full of bright colors and high eneergy graphics from head to toe. You can grab beanies, sports bras, cropped tee's and hoodies, joggers and bodysuits in various patterns, and the sizes range from XXS - XXL.

What we were most excited to see is the collab griptape - always fun to grip a new board with something interesting and different!

You can check it all out HERE